High-tech service solutions for OEMs, ODMs and Logistics

FEBA Elektronik provides innovative and eco-friendly customized service solutions that enable our customers to reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness.


We offer reliable, cost-effective solutions and providing value added services for a wide range of products.

In-Warranty Program

In the in-warranty program, we repair electronic and mechanical products that are still under warranty, as partners with corporate companies.

With our experienced staff, we continue to provide big manufacturing companies with quality technical services in Europe, MEA countries,Turkey.

Out-of-Warranty Program

We provide service to the authorized technical services of manufacturers in the maintenance and repair of visual products whose warranty has expired.

Cost-Effective Technical Solutions

In global economy which requires price competitive operations, our goal is fully understanding the needs of our Customers and providing customized services and technology solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Improve Your Delivery Performance

In world-wide market which requires on time, accurate deliveries, our focus is fully meeting with customers' service and cost expectations and improving processes and cost saving strategies that deliver bottom line value at the best delivery performance.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A long-term, trusted partnership based on customer satisfaction is our core value that leads us to success in terms of the continuity and development of the services offered to our customers by collaboration and continuous improvement.

FEBA Rework® 

It is a service management software system that offers tracking management and reports for 1000+ services and OEM companies. FEBA Rework has been developed by FEBA software development team.

  • Repair Order Management
  • Logistics Request & Tracking Management
  • Stock Management
  • RMA Tracking Management
  • Reporting


All our locations are equipped with Class 1000, 100 Clean Room Standards.

Clean Room Standards
  • Class 1000, 100 zone
  • ESD Control
  • Cell Inspection Microscope
  • ITO Line Tester
  • Polarizer Laminator and Delaminator
  • Bonding Machine
  • IC Driver Rework Station
  • Heat Test Chamber
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