Pre-sale technıcal servıces

Manufacturing malfunctions repair, upgrading, pretests are applied by FEBA within the warranty program.

Production Technical Support

During production phase, FEBA provides OEM companies with technical support especially in visual electronics. FEBA helps them improve the quality and the cost effectiveness of production, such as Lamination, OCA Coating.

EOL Test

The functional tests of the assembled products such as stress, burning or lifecycle test, are carried out under the conditions and durations determined by the manufacturer and R&D team. Test procedures are conducted based on internal and external standards and guidelines during EOL Test.

Quality Test

All of the facilities, FEBA offers the most appropriate environment for the quality tests to detect malfunctions, improve lifecycle and decrease return rates. FEBA helps the company measure pressure, humidity, impact, heat and so on.

Pretest (DOA)

Before the arrival, FEBA tests and repairs all DOA products coming from Asia market and applies In-Warranty Program especially for EMEA market.

Case Study


One of our main partners wanted to laminate a LCD touch screen to the front glass of their oven they produced, in a way that would be resistant to the oven's heat. 


With 12 years of LCD Panel repair experience, FEBA has supplied all the spare parts, machineries, pre-production tests and reports the partner needs. In the production process, where 18 spare parts are used, FEBA still continues to produce LCD touch screen bonding with the customer.


During 2-years production process, FEBA:

  • Has 0.05% error rate
  • Works with 99.5% delivery performance.
  • Reports the spare parts to be used in production performing visual and functional tests.
  • Has a monthly production capacity of 4000 with its existing machinery in a single shift.
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