LCD Panel Repair

Feba has focused on LCD / FPD panel display business for more than 2 years. Our trained technicians have experience in all areas of LCD / FPD panel repair services; Polarizer film replacement, backlight replacement and TAB / TCP replacement.

In our class 10000 clean room, highly skilled technicians identify defects, disassemble, repair and reassemble LCD modules, resulting in a near-brand-new condition.

LCD Panel Repair Processes;

1- First test

2- Disassembly

3- TAB, COG, COF, Flex, Heat Seal Removal or Recovery

4- Polarizer Removal (LCD only)

5- Bonding Interconnect Driver (COG, TAB, Heat Seal, Flex, COF) to LCD or PDP

6- Polarizer Lamination (LCD only)

7- Assembly

8- Final test

We stock most parts for LCD /FPD panels , such as backlight lamps (CCFL lamp) polarizer film, TCP, reflector film, diffuser film and driver ICs

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