Customer Online Services

Feba Electronics designed a Customer Data Base program.

With the help of this program the customer is able to follow its defective products online during the repair and warranty period. Imagine the customer wants to send Feba Electronics 10 defective items of the above mentioned types for Feba to repair. The customer logs in into the Feba customer data base program with the password which is provided by Feba Electronics. Then the customer fills in the part number, name and quantity of the defect parts. Then the database will create 10 unique R.M.A –numbered labels.

The customer has to fix those 10 labels on the boxes and sent the goods to Feba Electronics. As soon as Feba Electronics receives the goods, the labels will be read by a barcode reader. The information will be visuallly compared with what is in the boxes. If things check out, the goods will be sent to the repair department. If not, an R.F.A. form will be sent to the customer. After the reparations are done Feba Electronics will sent the goods back under a unique R.M.A number.

During the whole process the customer can follow, by this unique R.M.A. number, his or her products and what is happening or what has happened, like O.B.F., C.C., W.P.I.B., warranty period, lead time and delivery performance. Due to this unique R.M.A number we are able to see the history of the repaired products till the end of the warranty period.

Customer information system;

Feba Electronics sends information and reports about the products which are repaired. You receive the following reports about:

N.F.F ( No Failure Found )

I.W ( In Warranty )

O.O.W. ( out of Warranty )

O.B.F ( Out Of Box Failure )

C.C ( Customer complaint )

WPIB ( Wrong Part In Box)

BO ( Back Order)

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